Sports industry meets cannabis

Sports industry meets cannabis />


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CBD and the prospects for its usefulness in sports

CBD is gaining recognition as a product for alleviating the condition of people suffering from depression and other similar problems. Now the question arises of whether its beneficial effects can spread to the sports world and improve the performance of sportspersons.

Cannabis is associated with drugs use, which inevitably leads to scandals especially when athletes are involved. However, its component auspicious for human health, CBD, is becoming more and more recognized for its efficiency. From helping in the battle of depression and anxiety, to enhancing the quality of sex life, and so on, CBD is now being tested in the world of sports. People involved in this industry are beginning to look at it from a new perspective, and starting to realize, that it can be beneficial for all competitors, from newbies to veteran athletes.

Real Examples

Let us look at the Ultimate Fighting Championship, or UFC. This is a promotion company for mixed martial arts. The sportspeople in it are renowned for being proactive when new ways of boosting performance are concerned. Now they give yet another amazing example, because they start to use CBD and show it can improve their performance.

The search of such proactive people in the world of sports can now include considering cannabidiol, or CBD, because in 2018, that substance was moved out of the list of banned substances drawn up by the World Anti-Doping Agency. So, sportspeople can now use CBD without being afraid of sanctions. The UFC, or fighters in martial arts are at the forefront of sportspersons turning to cannabidiol. The names of brothers Nick and Nate Diaz, two of the UFC fighters, ardent promoters of healthy life, recommended CBD even before the ban was removed. They recommend not only using cannabidiol in recreation periods and for medical reasons, but also daily jiujitsu practicing and sticking to a diet which is gluten free. 

Other athletes are joining Nick and Nate Diaz as fans of CBD use in sports. Standing behind sportspeople, the companies supporting them also recommend its use. Among these, Bellator and the UFC, two of the major MMA leagues, have become affiliated with CBD companies

As a manifestation of support, Nate Diaz smoked CBD in public at a workout prior to UFC 241 fight. That was underscoring of bis support of cannabidiol. He also smoked CBD in public before the lifting of the ban in 2018. His brother had a period in which he was banned because of the results of a drug test. After appealing the failed drug test, Nick was able to get a reduced ban term, and paid a substantial fine. 


Now, after the ban has been lifted, things stand in a different manner. The boosting effect of CBD is becoming attractive to sportsmen and sportswomen. The organization we discussed, the UFC, is just one of the raft of sports organizations. But it shows how the way is being paved for using CBD in sports. Not only MMA fighters, but also golf players, swimmers, rugby players, and sportspeople in other sports have been turning to, and exploring, CBD, and supporting it as a drug that is worth using for better performance.