CBD oil: the history since millennia ago to present time

CBD oil: the history since millennia ago to present time />

Cannabis use in ancient China and India

The history of CBD oil goes back to the distant past. It was derived from the cannabis plant even in ancient China, about six millennia BC. That is information derived from written records. That means this product is the same age as human civilization.

Around 2700 BC, records were drawn of the product’s use for improving wellness. At that time, the Chinese emperor used it in tea, and also in ointments.

By and by the use of the cannabis plant spread around Asia, as records in Asian pharmacopeias testify.

Then records dating from the 2nd century BC informed about how people use cannabis extract.

In Asia, India was also a country where cannabis was considered a gift of gods for the healing of men. That was why it was regarded as a sacred plant, and was included in the Atharvaveda manuscript. There, the use of cannabis seeds and flowers for preparing tinctures and balms was described.

Use in ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt

In the beginning of our era, at about 77 AD, Romans wrote about how hemp was used for healing of people. Pliny the Elder was the natural historian recording the use of its components for pain and discomfort relief.

Cannabis was found in tombs in ancient Greece and ancient Egypt. These ancient peoples used the plant for the preparation of remedies.

Cannabis in medieval Europe

Cannabis became so widely spread in Europe that even in England Henry VIII ordered that the farmers should grow hemp. It was in the focus of attention of a host of physicians. They used extract from the plant to improve health and to boost the appetite.

Cannabis spreading to North America

North American colonies took over the example and started to cultivate cannabis. There were even laws which were related to hemp growing, for example in the states of Massachusetts and Connecticut. Hemp seeds were so valuable that they could be used as a method of payment in some of the North American states.

The importance of hemp and its use to help improve health were documented in a medical text bearing the title “Anatomy of Melancholy”by Robert Burton, and, more importantly, in two of the most reputable pharmacopeias: “The New England Dispensatory”, and “The Edinburgh New Dispensatory”, in th 18th century.

Then, with the development of industrial age in America, hemp and extract from it began to be used to treat diseases in animals and in humans. The extract was found to be efficient for the treatment of rheumatism, as well as tetanus and cholera.

CBD oil in the modern age

In the early years of the 20th century, with the use of opioids, cannabis products started to be used less frequently. But on the other hand, specialists worked on the development of new medications which contained CBD, to treat discomforts and help relieve cough or improve sleeping.

Then, towards the end of the 1930s, cannabis became illegal, and so was its cultivation. There were regulations banning the possession of cannabis in any form. Hemp as well as marijuana were declared to have no benefits for health, and people were warned that these two plants and the products derived from them created a very high risk of dependence if people started to use them.

Several decades later, thanks to research carried out, a new wave of popularity came for CBD and cannabinoids in general. People were made aware that these substances had a favourable effect on people’s endocannabinoid system, and on human health in general.

Then, in the 1970s, the use of cannabis for treatment of people had another surge. The good results paved the way for further change towards the better. In 1996, cannabis was legalized as a means of treatment in the state of California. It was allowed to be used in the treatment of some medical conditions.

The research into CBD and cannabinoids in general, and the benefits that are gained when they are used for treatment, is continuing on a vaster and vaster scale. In the United States, the coverage of the topic by media has helped for the increasingly vaster acceptance of CBD by the general public.

Nowadays, people can more easily find and buy CBD oil. The information on research into CBD oil products is widely available, and research itself is becoming increasingly vaster, thanks to modern technology used in it. Now it is possible to use methods for refining and isolating CBD. To enhance the healing effect of CBD products, modern technologies such as nanoemulsions are employed. As a result, the demand for these products is increasing. This year, the projections for sales of CBD products are to the amount of $1 billion.