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Can I Mix Alcohol and CBD?

Over the years cannabidiol has become well known, its various benefits are being discovered in conjunction with common pairings. Among these such pairings are CBD and alcohol which have been made an increasingly common combination in citizens and scientific studies.

According to some research, over half of Britons have consumed an alcoholic beverage in the last month. You will find countries, where alcohol is part of traditions like meals, celebrations, or customs. Lots of people have become curious about the mix of CBD and alcohol. It's even begun to become part of research and health studies as well. Some findings indicate that CBD can help those fighting alcohol addiction and abuse.

As you keep on reading, you will discover reported and researched effects of CBD and alcohol taken together or near the same time.

The Combo Of Cannabidiol And Alcohol

Lots of people want to know if it is safe to take CBD oil and alcohol together?

We all know that a mixture of two substances; a mix of CBD and alcohol will exhibit some effects of each and some effects in combination. All these are to be noted before mixing CBD with alcohol.

Cannabidiol is known to have numerous health benefits such as the ability to help with feelings of anxiety and helping with better quality of sleep.

Research focused on CBD has expanded through the last decade. One study on alcohol and CBD says that cannabidiol “has attracted considerable attention due to its lack of abuse potential, its excellent safety profile, its unique and complex pharmacology, and evidence that it affects anxiety and stress response in animal models and humans.”

We all know the benefits of alcohol as well as the risks. One study declares that, “small amounts of alcohol improve mood and generally reduce anxiety, but it is public knowledge that, long-term drinking of higher doses of alcohol results in memory impairment, sedation, motor incoordination, confusion, hypothermia, and sometimes vomiting.”

What Happens When We Combine Alcohol And CBD Together?

Some research reveals the effects of alcohol and CBD combined yielded several results. These studies stated that “the combination of alcohol plus CBD resulted in significantly lower blood alcohol levels compared to alcohol given alone.” What science and law enforcement use to determine the level of drunkenness is the blood alcohol level which is the amount of alcohol in the blood. What this study states is that adding CBD to alcohol will reduce your drunkenness.

 What's more, this same study found that when CBD and alcohol combined it “produced significant impairments of motor and psychomotor performances, overestimations of time production and subjective responses indicating an accurate self-perception of their intoxication and deficits.”

These findings are similar to the effects of alcohol alone. The above information should be noted because, while you may feel less drunk, CBD does not stop the effects of alcohol, especially on motor skills like driving or operating any kind of machinery. This means that these activities should be avoided while drinking alcohol with CBD added to it.

An interview with a bartender showed the benefits of mixing alcohol with CBD, one bartender interviewed echoed the pros of CBD infused alcohol. This person stated that, “as a bartender, it’s done wonders for my aches and pains, while also giving me the ability to still have a couple of drinks after work and not worry about complications with pain relievers.”

From all this, you see that it is safe for you to combine CBD with alcohol as long as your quantity is limited to your normal consumption of alcohol and you do not attempt to use motor skills in activities like driving.

CBD Cocktails

This mixture is becoming well known as CBD becomes a more popular addition to alcoholic beverages. This popularity is probably due to CBD’s relaxation and anti-anxiety effects that provide comfort to drinkers that come in addition to those benefits in small amounts of alcohol consumption.

When you mix CBD and alcohol together for the first time, it is advised that you do so in a safe space you can be comfortable in, like your home.  Like most things, CBDs effects will vary from person to person.

One good thing is that CBD mixes well with all forms of alcohol, so no matter the mixture, you can't go wrong.

CBD Recovery In Alcohol Addiction

While researchers have been anxious to more about the use of CBD and alcohol mixture as a relaxation and leisure activity, however, they are now focused on another benefit: that CBD may be able to assist in recovery from alcohol addiction.

Another benefit of cannabidiol is the suppression of inflammatory pain. Inflammation of this kind is usually caused by a lot of exposure to alcohol like years of abuse or binge drinking. Some recent findings indicate that CBD may help reverse or reduce damage to the liver from previous alcohol abuse.

Cannabidiol can help with addictions like cigarettes and tobacco by helping to reduce the brain’s needs for them. This can go a long way in the use of CBD in combating alcoholism.

Alcoholism has become a chronic global health issue, the potential for CBD to help in recovery from alcohol abuse is significant and promising.

CBD And Alcohol Withdrawal

One other benefit of CBD is that it has helped those working through alcohol addiction and recovery is with withdrawal symptoms, were talking about symptoms like headaches, tremors, anxiety, and insomnia.

Cannabidiol can be used to counteract symptoms like this by providing its users with relief from anxiety, reduction of pain from headaches, ease of sleep cycles, and a general relaxation of the body.

What this means, is that CBD can be an effective agent for reducing the physical and mental symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.

Combining THC With Alcohol

Although CBD and THC are very different substances, they are often used together, probably due to the fact that they are both present in hemp and marijuana, but they have different effects on our system. Combining THC with alcohol is proven to be very dangerous as the combination will affect the chemistry of your brain, and then your behavior. The combination is actually more negative than alcohol and CBD

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